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Adam Schiff is killing it in his opening remarks.

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    Originally posted by Big Daddy Steebo View Post
    Did you eee how he laid out undeniable facts and showed evidence for all of his accusations?

    Did you see that?

    Me neither.
    That's because the Republican senators voted all evidence to be not presented so far plus no witness testimony. A trial where no evidence is allowed and no witness testimony allowed. Why is that Steeb?


      Originally posted by Big Daddy Steebo View Post

      So because, in your opinion........a librarian from Maryland......he ACTED guilty, then he is guilty.
      Fuck the fact that there is really no verifiable evidence.......if he were innocent he wouldn’t act “like that”.
      Okay bro.

      For the Democrats that counts as “facts”.
      here steeb...maybe Snoopy can put it in terms even you can understand:

      Click image for larger version

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