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Adolphe Sax


  • Adolphe Sax

    According to the biography of Adolphe Sax published on the city of Dinant’s website, Sax faced many near-death experiences. Firstly, he fell from a height of three floors, hit his head on a stone hard and could barely stand. He was considered dead.

    Saxtuba, a forbidden sexual position

    Saxtromba, a fatal disease
    Caption: Saxtromba,a horrible disease.

    Secondly, at the age of three, he drank a bowl full of vitriolized water and later on swallowed a pin. Thirdly, he burnt himself seriously in a gunpowder explosion. Fourthly, he fell onto a hot cast iron frying pan, burning his one side as a result. Fifthly, he escaped from death due to poisoning and suffocation in his own bedroom, where varnished items were kept during the night. Sixthly, he was hit on the head by a cobblestone. Lastly, he fell into a river and was saved by the skin of his teeth. In short, Sax had a tragic childhood. As per the biography, his mother once said that “He’s a child condemned to misfortune; he won’t live”. His neighbors called him “little Sax, the ghost”

    Sax suffered from lip cancer between 1853 and 1858 but made a full recovery.

    He invented the saxophone, is 201 years old and hasn't died.

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